1982: Marja Rantanen-Maruani enters the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
26 juin 2022
Marja Rantanen-Maruani received an invitation to become a member of the Brussels-based European Academy of Sciences and Arts for her arrangements on the Kalevala and her composition titled “Impressions of two astronauts.” Marja will be the youngest member of the European Academy and the only Finnish-born composer.
1983: Marja is settled in Paris
26 juin 2022
The press article tells about a visit paid to Marja Rantanen by her friend Finnish singer Tamara Lund. It reads: « (…) Tamara has been supported by her longest-time, dearest and only friend, the Paris-based saver Marja. Tamara and Marja were friends already during their school days and later lived in Moscow while studying together. Marja has also...
In 1966: Musician Marja Rantanen and Finnish singer Tamara Lund 
24 juin 2022
Marja Rantanen and Tamara Lund were flatmates, friends and co-workers during their time in Helsinki. Here they were photographed walking the streets under one same umbrella. The paper commented: « Like two berries, » and the journalist caught the moment when two little Finns laughingly stopped them in the street. They can also be seen playing the...
Science & Music
8 mars 2022
Marja Rantanen co-authored an article tackling the connections between science and music. The article was published on ResearchGate and downloaded 6,500 times. By Dr. Jean Maruani, Dr. Jean Lefebvre and Marja Rantanen.