Marja Rantanen in Paris


Her grandfather Matti Rantanen (06/04/1862 - 08/12/1950), married to Olga Nyberg
Her father, Ilmari Konstantin Rantanen (29/12/1893 – 20/12/1949), a champion in wrestling
Her father, the athlete Ilmari Konstantin Rantanen
From left to right: Father Ilmari Rantanen, Marja Rantanen, brother Jack Rantanen, mother Rauha Ketola-Rantanen
Mother Rauha Josefina Ketola (29/12/1911 – 20/05/2011) with Marja
Father Ilmari Rantanen with brother Jack Rantanen (19/10/1937 – 11/11/1999)

Marja in Turku, Finland

The student period (Finland and Canada)

Marja Rantanen with her mother

With her friend Tamara Lund


With her husband Jean Maruani, born 28 December 1937 and their 3 children: Nathalie, Annabel and Jerome.

Period of artistic creation

Teaching at the conservatory (Paris 14th)


The lady at the left end is Marja Rantanen, sitting between Pr Chalvet from CNRS and Nobel Laureate John Pople (both with spectacles). This picture was taken at the banquet dinner of an international academic meeting at the Summer Sporting Club of Monaco.

Childhood home, Turku

Mother Rauha Rantanen
Family graveyard in Turku
In South Korea, attending the scientific Congress of spouse Jean Maruani
Six grandchildren, from left to right: Garance Gottfarstein (1996), Anaelle Szerman (1998), Naomie Szerman (1996), Camille Gottfarstein (1998). Forefront: Benjamin Szerman (2004), Eliott Raphael (2009)


Marja Rantanen In her living room in Paris